IT’S ALL OVER: CNN Hack Anderson Cooper Gets Devastating News

CNN host Anderson Cooper spends his days relentlessly attacking President Donald Trump, often with fake news. This week, however, Cooper took things way too far, and his Trump-bashing came back to bite him.

Mediaite reported that Cooper ended his show on Wednesday by mocking Trump’s comments about positive media coverage. Trump had celebrated that the mainstream media praised him for his public, bipartisan immigration meeting, claiming that he’s received “letters” from anchors about it.

“Major kudos to the United States Postal Service for delivering those letters so fast,” Cooper said dryly, sarcastically adding that this is a “highly believable, totally normal thing that would absolutely happen.”

Cooper then “clarified” that he wasn’t one of the anchors who sent a letter and said he would be sure to ask all the anchors on their next anchor get-together. He explained he is mystified by the White House responding to questions about these letters by citing CNN clips and tweets:

“Now, to be fair,” Cooper said, “this list does have words on it and those words are actually made up of letters, but that’s not generally accepted in reality to mean the same thing as ‘letters of congratulation that anchors sent to the President.’”

Twitter users, however, let Cooper know that they are sick and tired of his relentless and ridiculous attacks on Trump:

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