While Democrats are currently demanding that millions of illegal immigrants be granted amnesty, one illegal alien just butchered a Maryland man publicly for asking one simple question.

Mad World News reported that Salvador Gomez-Lopez, a 46-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador, grabbed a knife and began relentlessly stabbing a man in Maryland for asking him to pull up his pants and urinate in a nearby restroom instead of in public at a local bus stop. The victim had just asked that Gomez-Lopez refrain from public indecency in front of fellow bystanders when the drunk illegal alien flew into a rage, plunging his blade in the man’s neck, face, and stomach.

The victim was miraculously able to survive the attack and identify Gomez-Lopez to police officers, who caught the migrant shortly after arriving on the scene. The victim told officers that Gomez-Lopez dropped his pants and began urinating at the bus stop in plain view of civilians around 11 p.m. Disgusted by what he saw, the victim asked the migrant to pull up his trousers, pointing him in the direction of a bathroom. It was then that the alien began stabbing him with a box cutter he pulled out of his backpack.

Gomez-Lopez was uncooperative with police and gave them a fake name. Officers eventually found that he has 2 children and works part-time, doing odd jobs for a relative.

The illegal immigrant is scheduled for a 3-day trial in April at the Mongomery County Circuit courthouse. He is facing 38 years in prison for first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and carrying a deadly weapon with intent to injure. In addition, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has lodged an immigration detainer against the El Salvadorian national in the hopes that they will be able to carry out his deportation after he serves his prison sentence, which might prove difficult considering the district’s sanctuary policy.

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