Last week, the Justice Department gave Congress less than 15 percent of the texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Now, Rep. Trey Gowdy has had enough of this nonsense and is saying that both FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page should testify before Congress.

Western Journalism reported that Gowdy explained that this move for accountability would help lawmakers deem whether or not the two FBI officials actually held enough power to take down President Donald Trump or even protect Hillary Clinton from criminal charges over email allegations.

“I can’t prove that they were the final decision makers, nor do I have to,” Gowdy admitted. “What I have to prove to you is two really important people hated (Trump); would have done anything to protect (Clinton).”

He went on to suggest that the texts were evidence that the two “hated” then-presidential candidate Trump, alluding to their bias against the current administration and alleged efforts to assist those within Democratic National Committee.

One example of the FBI helping Clinton came when Strzok interviewed Clinton about her use of private email servers during her time as secretary of state, soon after which the classified information was discovered. Gowdy explained that Strzok allegedly “scrubbed” the language about Clinton’s “grossly negligent” behavior from the final FBI report.

“Did they have the power to protect her?” Gowdy asked. “The decision not to charge (Clinton) was made even before they interviewed her. How would you like that deal?”

He then pointed to the two FBI officials and how they had been removed from the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia-collusion investigation after Mueller learned of the “insidious” political bias against Trump.

“These are the same two people, whose bias was so insidious, that Bob Mueller fired them the second he found out about it,” Gowdy said. “These witnesses need to come in and tell us what they meant [by these texts] and everything else they said over the course of eighteen months.”

However, Gowdy refused to comment on whether he thinks the text which referred to a “secret society” of FBI agents was a joke or real.

“Republicans are better served by letting the texts speak for themselves,” Gowdy admitted. “These witnesses need to come in and tell us what they meant by it.”

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