Barack Hussein Obama’s Nasty Secret Leaks – This Is BAD

During Barack Hussein Obama’s time in the White House, it often seemed like he was far more focused on foreigners than he was on the American people. Now, the real reason for this has been revealed.

Fox News reported that federal documents released on Wednesday the lavish gifts Obama received from foreign governments during his final two years in office. These gifts included $2,000-worth of Cuban cigars and rum, sculptures decorated in gold, precious gems and even jewelry adorned in diamonds and rubies. Cuba sent Obama their gifts after he attempted to ease tensions with the communist regime, a measure that included the easing of the U.S. ban on imported Cuban liquor and tobacco.

The documents, which were released by the State Department’s Protocol Office, show that Raul Castro gave Obama 205 cigars of an unnamed brand, a humidor and cigar cutter along with the bottle of rum in 2015. He also sent the American president a carved wooden bust of Abraham Lincoln.

In addition, Obama’s deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, was given cigars, jewelry and a music CD, a gift package worth $670.

In 2016, Castro sent Michelle Obama a white linen dress and a large decorated ceramic plate worth an estimated $1,190. He also gave Malia and Sasha Obama linen dresses, two prints and a Cuban music collection on CD valued at $1,164.

Other gifts Obama received from foreign governments during his final year in office include a gold and silver sculpture of a Bedouin group decorated with precious gems, and a silver tone letter opener and pen worth $56,720 from Saudi King Salman. He also was given a black electric bicycle worth $1,499 from the president of Argentina, who also gave the first family two Argentine national football team jerseys signed by star Lionel Messi that were valued at $1,700.

The most expensive gift of 2016 was given to the Obama family by the king of Morocco, who gave them an ornate gold-plated brooch adorned with diamonds and rubies, a gold clutch with an emerald and diamond clasp, diamond earrings and gold teardrop earrings with diamonds and emeralds. The entire gift package was estimated to be worth $101,200.

No wonder Obama was so focused on foreign powers. There’s nothing Obama loves more than a lavish lifestyle, and foreign governments played on this by Ising their gifts to fuel his ego. We’re just glad that we finally have a president in Donald Trump who won’t fall for this nonsense!