A candidate running for Illinois’s attorney general position was nearly killed on Thursday when he was robbed at gunpoint.

Fox News reported that Aaron Goldstein, 42, and members of his campaign team were at a campaign photoshoot in Chicago when they were approached by three men in their early 20s. One of the men whipped out a handgun and demanded Goldstein and the campaign aides turn over the camera equipment and other personal belongings, including their cell phones, which they did.

The thugs then made their escape, and police confirmed that they have nobody in custody at this time.

Goldstein’s campaign manager Robert Murphy, who was not there at the time, explained that the campaign team was in Albany Park trying to promotional campaign photos with an “in-the-neighborhood kind of” message. Murphy said that no one was harmed during the robbery, and that the campaign was assured by the police that the robbery was not a targeted act.

“Thank you all for your concern, well wishes, thoughts and prayers. My team and I are all good,” Goldstein wrote on his Facebook page.

Goldstein is one of eight people vying for the Democratic nomination in the race to replace Lisa Madigan.

This comes after Mad World News reported that radical liberal Andrea Hudson took to Twitter to pay anyone willing to assassinate Trump $20,000 for going through with it.

Making matters even worse, Hudson responded to Trump himself with the tweet to make sure as many people as possible saw it.

“Dumbass. I got $20,000 for anyone willing to assassinate your ass,” Hudson wrote directly to the president.

It didn’t take long for users to demand Twitter remove Hudson’s account from their site.

Moments later, Twitter did the right thing and banned Hudson’s account.

This all just goes to show how dangerous being a politician is in today’s politically divided nation. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.