Despite the fact that there is a litany of evidence that former British secret service agent Christopher Steele lied to the FBI, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has done nothing to make him pay for his crimes. Now, Rep. Devin Nunes has one brutal question for Sessions that is sure to stop him in his tracks.

Mad World News reported that in the past few weeks, the House Intelligence Committee and Senate Judiciary Committee dropped a barrage of damning evidence on corrupt deep state operatives within the DOJ and FBI. Included in this was proof that Steele lied to the FBI, yet no charges were brought against him.

Now, Nunes has spoken out to ask one question that is on the minds of millions of Americans.

“What is the Department of Justice doing?” Nunes asked. Unfortunately, the answer to this question appears to be “not a thing.” Sessions has made it clear that he is nothing more than an insulator for the deep state to ensure that none of their criminal acts come back to bite them.

Nunes just appeared on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. During this appearance, he slammed Sessions’ Department of Justice for being absent in the wake of a mountain of evidence coming out with which Steele could be charged immediately. Bartiromo asked Nunes to explain where all the investigations and evidence were leading.

“We want to know where this is all leading Congressman because that memo from Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley confirms everything basically in your memo, but it also recommends charges. Tell us about those charges that this memo is recommending. Charges against the British spy Christopher Steele,” she said.

“The good thing about the Grassley-Graham memo, not only was it a criminal referral to Justice, it was written before our memo was put together. So, essentially, what it does is, it corroborates what we said. And it goes further than that and it really points out how Christopher Steele lied to the FBI. So, it is a clear-cut case. Christopher Steele lied to the FBI,” Nunes began.

“And, I can’t for the life of me know that when you have the House who said this guy lied to the FBI, and you have the Senate who said this guy lied to the FBI, Christopher Steele, what is the Justice Department doing?” he continued. “Where is the prosecution of Christopher Steele? This is a slam dunk case that they have all the documents. And, this is what makes people really wonder and have confidence that the DOJ and FBI are playing this straight up.”

Bartiromo then referenced President Donald Trump’s refusal to release Adam Schiff’s response memo and asked Nunes to explain what her viewers needed to understand about the Democrats’ unreleased document.

“First off, this was not a surprise,” Nunes said. “So, this was after they had accused Republicans of putting sources and methods into our memo. We actually did not. We just put in what we thought the American people needed to know. It was clear from the development of the Democratic memo from the very beginning that they packed it full of sources and methods.”

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